May 29, 2013

Holiday At Ho Chi Minh City - Part 2/2


7.00 am - Breakfast at hotel
8.00 am - Depart to Cu Chi Tunnel
# Vietnam-American war history
# Crawl through the tunnels
# Traps used during the war and the remnants of bomb craters
# Enjoy pandan tea and steam tapioca  

NOTE : DO NOT BUY ANY WAR MEMORABILIA (lighters in the form of bullets and bombs). 
We had the worst experience at the Ho Chi Minh Airport as our souvenirs had been 'steal' from the officers. They open our luggage and take our souvenirs without saying anything. 
They even take my aunt's talcum powder. *Maybe they think it is gun powder. Pfft! 
Dasar komunis!

2.00 pm - Lunch at D'Nyonya Restaurant 
# Waving good bye to our goodhearted tour guide, Minh. 
*Eventhough Minh is Buddhist, he still respect us as Muslims and give us warm treat. 
3.00 pm - Evening walk at Ho Chi Minh City
# Eating ice cream 
# Photo taking around the city 
# Last minute shopping at Ben Thanh Market and Night Market
*Massive Vietnamese gather as it is New Year's Eve

borong t-shirt
Ben Thanh Market at night. Roads closed due to New Year's Eve.


It is New Year.
Welcome 2013

7.00 am - Breakfast at hotel
8.00 am - Check out 
10.35 am - Depart from Tan Son Nhat Airport
# Bye Vietnam
1.25 pm - Safely arrive at LCCT 
# Hi Malaysia

For me, the trip to HCMC is awesome as it is my first time going to Vietnam. Just the incident at the airport ruined my mood until now. Have to think twice if wanna go there again. 

p/s : We took tour package from Hi Class. Email me if you need the details about the trip.

Lots of Love

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