Apr 6, 2011

jom layan lagu arab

Sangat sangat suka dengan video clip dan lagu ni. So, hari ni nak share video ni dengan korang semua. Enjoy~

So comeyL kan Nancy Ajram ni..

Ni pula translation lagu ni in english ;)

Walking next to me, and with your eyes, you melt everyone around you.
A stare this way and a look that way, you don't miss any pretty girls.
And you forget that I'm so jealous especially a girl smile to you.
And you become happy, they melt your heart.
And the cutest guy wish to go out with me.
Not like you, you prefer playing around and make me confuse.
And if a pretty girl waves at you, you follow her and left me behind.
And if by coincidence i meet a friend on the street,
right away you make a report and question me.
"Who? Where? How? Why? He is your friend since when?"
Melt and suffer, that is OK. 
You have been torturing me from years

Pastu banyak lirik dia ulang-ulang. 


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